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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a catalog that you could mail to me?
No, we do not have a catalog. We do however update our website daily.

Do you sell Wholesale?
No we do not. We used to sell certain items in bulk sets for a reduced price, but this program has been discontinued as of 2016.

Do you offer discounts?
No, we do not offer discounts. We do occasionally have on-sale items. The items are already sold at their discounted price. No returns/refunds/exchanges are accepted for on-sale items and no other discounts will be applied to them. Our store locations do occasionally have special sales on certain items, visit one of our 8 store locations for more information. We used to sell certain items in bulk sets for a reduced price, however we have discontinued our bulk program as of 2016.

Do you ship overnight, next day, 2nd day, etc? Or do you ship Fed Ex? Can I give you my Fed Ex # to use?
We do not currently offer an overnight or next day service or a 2 day service. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground or UPS SurePost.

Do you ship to Canada, Europe, Mexico, etc.?
No, we are unable to ship internationally due to customs issues. Our recommendation is that you ship your order to a friend or relative here in the U.S. and then have them ship it to you.

Do you ship to APO/FPO Boxes, Hawaii, Alaska, or other non-continental addresses?
Yes, we do ship to APO/FPO boxes (via UPS SurePost), however you will need to contact us if you wish to ship an order to Hawaii, Alaska, or another non-continental U.S. address. Please provide the address you want your order shipped to and the items you wish to order and we will process a custom shipping quote for you. Please note: custom shipping quotes sometimes require additional processing time and may not be completed the same day you call or e-mail. Custom shipping quotes can sometimes take up to 1-2 weeks to complete. Please plan ahead if you are needing your items by a certain date.

Do you ship to Post Office Boxes?
Yes we do, as of 2016. All PO Box orders are shipped via UPS SurePost. This is a service where UPS will deliver your order to a post office in your area and then USPS will deliver the package to your PO Box.

I do not have a credit card can I mail in an order and pay by a Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check?
Yes, please mail your order to Christmas Mouse, C/O Orders, 9200 Commerce Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23185. Please make checks & money orders payable to Christmas Mouse. Please Note: If you choose to pay by Personal Check, we must hold your check for 10 business days (2 weeks) in order to allow time for the funds to clear the bank. Once the funds have cleared, your order will be able to be shipped. Money Orders & Cashier's Checks do not have this restriction.

What happens if there is a pricing error on your website?
Although we try our best to have an error-free website, we do make occasional errors. We reserve the right to contact you and correct pricing or other errors prior to fulfilling your order.

Is your site secure? I don't see the security lock in my browser when I'm in the shopping cart.
Yes, our site is secure. We are a Yahoo Store merchant and use Yahoo's advanced secure encryption features on our site. The shopping cart is not a secure page because there is no personal information entered there. Once you click "proceed to checkout," you will be on the secure part of our site.

How much does shipping cost? What are your shipping & handling charges? Why do some items cost less than the shipping charge?
Shipping costs are based on the subtotal of your order. We ship exclusively via UPS Ground or UPS SurePost. UPS Ground packages are all rounded up to 1 lb, even those less than 1 lb. In addition, many times you are actually saving money on shipping costs versus real-time rates that UPS charges. Our shipping charges include the cost to ship the item to you as well as other associated costs like packing materials, the box your order comes in, time spent on shipping the order, etc. The following table lists our shipping charges:

Order Subtotal
Shipping Charge
Up to $40.00
Over $300.00

How long will it take for my order to arrive? When will I receive my order?
We ship most orders within 24 hours. The exceptions would be if you placed your order after 1:00 PM EDT/EST on a Friday, then your order would not ship until Monday as we are closed on the weekends and thus UPS does not pick up from us on the weekends. In addition, we may occasionally need to get an item or items for your order from one of our store locations to be able to fulfill your order. Whenever possible we try to let you know if it will be more than 24 hours before we can ship your order. Also, orders that are paid for by personal or business check are held a minimum of ten business days once the check is deposited to allow funds to clear.

The following is a map from UPS which shows the estimated time in transit to your location once your order has been shipped via UPS Ground. This does not include processing time (as mentioned above). Please add an additional 1-2 days for UPS SurePost orders (most orders).

UPS Ground or UPS SurePost Estimated Transit Time Map

Where are your stores located? Do you have a store near me?
Christmas Mouse has 8 year round store locations located in VA, NC, and SC. We also have a temporary shop during the month of November in Charlotte, NC at the Southern Christmas Show. For address information and hours for all store locations, please visit our store hours & locations page.

What are your office hours? What are the store hours?
Office Hours vary by time of year. During the off-season (January - October), office hours are M-F, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EDT/EST. During the Holiday season (November - December) office hours are M-F 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT/EST. Additionally, during the off-season (January - October) our office is closed on the weekends. However, during the holiday season (November - December) our office is sometimes open on the weekends, but this varies. Please call our toll-free # at 1-888-437-5635 for more info. Store hours vary by location and time of year and are updated periodically through the year. For store hours please visit our store hours & locations page.

How many lights do I need for my tree?
Check out the chart below to find out the recommended number of lights for your tree size.

 Tree Size  3' 4' 4.5' 5' 6' 6.5' 7' 7.5' 8' 9' 10'
 # Of Lights   50 - 100   150 - 200   150 - 250   200 - 300   250 - 350   300 - 500   500 - 700   650 - 1,000   700 - 1,100   800 - 1,200   900 - 1,400 

I can't add an item to my cart, how do I order it?
It really depends on the item. Sometimes an item may be out of stock or low on stock. For example, if we only have 5 pieces available and you try to order 10, it's not going to allow you to add 10 to your cart. If that happens, you will need to call us to check availability of the item.

I keep getting an error when trying to add items to my cart. Why does this happen?
You might have an old version of your web browser. There are known issues with older versions of Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer Version 6 (IE6). There are also problems with the AOL Web Browser. Please make sure your browser has been updated to the latest version to improve compatibility and performance of the site. If you need to upgrade your browser, visit one of the following links to do so:

Internet Explorer - Click here to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Mozilla Firefox - Click here to download the latest version of Firefox.
Google Chrome - Click here to download the latest version of Chrome.
Apple Safari - Click here to download the latest version of Safari.

If you still experience difficulty in placing your order, please call us toll-free at 1-888-437-5635 to place your order over the phone.

What do all these abbreviations I see all over your website mean?
We're glad you asked! Below you will find a listing of the most common abbreviations used on our site and what they mean.

#/L - # of Lights CRM - Ceramic LITE - Light(s) RES - Resin WH - White
#L - # of Lights CRMC - Ceramic LRG - Large RSN - Resin WHT - White
2A - 2 Assorted DEC - Decoration(s) LRGE - Large SGR - Sugared XMAS - Christmas
3A - 3 Assorted FAB - Fabric MD - Medium SGRD - Sugared
4A - 4 Assorted FABRC - Fabric MSC - Musical/Music SHVL - Shovel
5A - 5 Assorted FBRC - Fabric MSCL - Musical SLR - Silver
6A - 6 Assorted FIG - Figure(s) MTL - Metal/Metallic SLVR - Silver
7A - 7 Assorted FT - Feet/Foot MULTI - Multiple SM - Small
8A - 8 Assorted GBRD - Gingerbread MUSC - Musical/Music SNTA - Santa
9A - 9 Assorted GLD - Gold OP - Operated SNWMN - Snowman
10A - 10 Assorted GLS - Glass OR - Ornament(s) ST - Set
11A - 11 Assorted GNGR - Gingerbread ORN - Ornament(s) STK - Stocking(s)
12A - 12 Assorted GNGRBRD - Gingerbread PK - Pack STKHLD - Stocking Holder(s)
AA - African American GR - Green PLQ - Plaque STKHLDR - Stocking Holder(s)
ACR - Acrylic GRLD - Garland(s) PLQE - Plaque STKNG - Stocking(s)
ACRYL - Acrylic GRLND - Garland(s) PLSTC - Plastic SUGRD - Sugared
ASST - Assorted GRN - Green PLYRSN - Polyresin TBLE - Table(s)/Tablepiece(s)
AST - Assorted I/O - Indoor/Outdoor PNT - Paint(ed) TT - Tree Topper(s)
BM - Blow Mold (Plastic) IN - Inch(es) PNTD - Painted W - With
CER - Ceramic IRID - Iridescent POLY - Polyresin W/ - With
CL - Clear LED - Light Emitting Diode PORC - Porcelain W/I - Within
CLR - Clear LG - Large PORCLN - Porcelain W/O - Without
CLY - Clay/Claydough LGHT - Light(s) PRL - Pearl WD - Wood/Wooden
CLYDGH - Claydough LGT - Light(s) RD - Red WDN - Wood/Wooden

I have a question about my order or a product. Who do I contact?
You can contact us either by phone, via e-mail, or through our Facebook page. Our toll-free # is 1-888-437-5635. Select Extension 8 when calling for all order & product inquiries. If you'd prefer to e-mail us, you can do so at or by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom left of our web site. You can view our Facebook Page here.

I have a question that's not listed here. Who do I contact?

Order & Product Questions

You can contact us either by phone, via e-mail, or through our Facebook page. Our toll-free # is 1-888-437-5635. Select Extension 8 when calling for all order & product inquiries. If you'd prefer to e-mail us, you can do so at or by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom left of our web site. You can view our Facebook Page here.

Supplier/Vendor Questions

If you are a supplier or vendor of Christmas merchandise, you can contact us by phone or via e-mail. Our phone # is 757-887-5600. Select Extension 5 when calling for all supplier & vendor questions. Supplier & vendor questions by e-mail should be directed to

Web Site Technical Questions

If you experience any technical difficulties using our web site, feel free to contact our web site administrator either via our toll-free #, 1-888-437-5635, Extension 4, or via e-mail at

Web Site Services/Sales Questions

If you are wanting to discuss products or services you offer to work with our website, you can call us at 757-887-5600, Extension 5. You may also e-mail your questions regarding sales related topics to

Other Questions

Any other questions, concerns, or comments should be directed to our Customer Service department which can be reached via our toll-free # at 1-888-437-5635, Extension 8, or by e-mail at

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