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Q: Why should I pay more money for an Artificial Christmas Tree?

A: You don稚 have to look far for a cheap tree, but there are trade-offs for a cut-rate price:
  • Fewer lights (It値l look cheesy!)

  • Poorly distributed lights (It値l look over-bright in some spots, and under-lit in others.)

  • Less material and/or inferior quality material (It値l look skimpy and feel dry and brittle!)

  • Shoddy workmanship (It値l begin falling apart in short order!)

  • Shorter life span (You値l end up throwing good money after bad!)

By contrast, Christmas Mouse trees are quality products where investing more up front will get you a tree that looks great season after season. In fact, with a quality artificial tree, you can expect ten or more years of use. Amortized over the life of the tree, the average cost per year of a quality artificial tree is often less than you壇 spend on natural trees over the same period, or on cheap artificial trees that have to be thrown out after a season or two.

Q: But I really like my tradition of getting a live tree every year, why should I bother with an artificial tree?


  • There are fire safety concerns, especially as the trees dry out in homes over the course of the Christmas season. In some areas, fire codes prohibit live trees in public and private buildings. Some private homeowners associations are even banning the use of live Christmas trees.

  • There痴 also the hassle of having to vacuum up all those fallen needles and dispose of the tree at the end of the season.

  • Much as they might love the fresh piney scent, many people have allergic reactions to live trees.

  • Live trees may be infested with insects.

  • Q: Are there any other advantages to purchasing an Artificial Christmas Tree from Christmas Mouse?

    1. They Pay for Themselves

    2. An artificial tree normally costs more up front, but the better ones will last upwards of 10 years. With natural trees costing in the range of $50 to $100, you値l recoup the money you spend on an artificial tree in just a few years, and continue to enjoy it for years to come. Not to mention the time you値l save each year when you no longer have to spend hours and hours stringing lights on your tree.

    3. They池e Beautiful

    4. Artificial trees are symmetrical and full no bald spots or crooked trunks and branches! And they池e available in such a range of sizes, shapes, and types, you can find exactly the right tree for the space you have in your home. It痴 more than likely you値l be able to find the 菟erfect tree you致e always imagined having in your home but haven稚 ever found on a tree lot or tree farm.

    5. They池e Environmentally Friendly

    6. A real Christmas tree takes about 7 years to grow to 7 feet, and needs fertilizer, pesticide, water and several square yards of land to thrive. Millions of them are destined for landfills at the end of the Christmas season. By contrast, an artificial tree lasts many years. In fact, a really good artificial Christmas tree may get handed down from one generation to the next, rather than being hauled off to a landfill. When many seasons have passed and it comes time for customers to retire their artificial Christmas trees, you might suggest that they consider being a real friend to the environment, and sending their trees to a recycling center, such as:

      Intercon Solutions (888)452-5642

      For the cost of shipping a tree to Intercon Solution痴 recycling center in Chicago Heights, Illinois, plus about 25 cents per pound, customers can rest easier knowing that all component materials in the tree will be separated and recycled.

    7. They池e Convenient

    8. The best artificial trees can be set up and shaped by one person in just an hour or two. There痴 no need to go tree shopping year after year. Often a family痴 Christmas season begins with the ritual of bringing the tree out of storage, setting it up and decorating it. They don稚 need to be disposed of at the end of the season. Oh, and by the way, using one of our patented tree storage bags makes putting the tree away and storing it a snap.

    9. They池e Low Maintenance

    10. Artificial trees don稚 need to be watered, trimmed, or maintained. Since they don稚 dry out, they can be set up earlier and left up longer for a longer holiday season.

    11. They池e Safe

    12. According to the National Fire Protection Association, natural Christmas trees that dry out and ignite cause more than 400 residential fires and result in nearly $20 million in property damage every year. The steel and wire used in artificial Christmas trees aren稚 a fire hazard, and the PVC used to create the needles is flame retardant. When you weigh all of these factors, NeumanTree thinks you値l reach the same conclusion we did years ago that an artificial Christmas tree represents a much better investment of your precious and hard-earned dollars!

    Q: But how can I be sure your Christmas trees are high-quality and not like the cheap ones that fall apart that I've seen elsewhere?


  • Our trees have Thick, Natural-Looking Branches and Needles and the needles of Christmas Mouse trees are constructed from high quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This gives them a more natural and softer feel.

  • The use of thicker, high quality material results in needles that are less likely to crush, and will tend to keep their shape whether flat, tapered, or round at the ends.

  • Each tip is hand-wound onto the branch with string-like wire, ensuring that the tips stay in place for the life of the tree.

  • All Christmas Mouse trees have Hinged Branches that are permanently attached to the center pole by means of metal hinges. Metal as opposed to plastic hinges deliver the highest level of durability, making it almost impossible to break off branches. Hinges also make it possible to pull up the branches into a compact bundle (like folding up an umbrella) for storage when the season ends.

  • Our Artificial Christmas Trees have Wrapped Steel Poles. These poles are fully wrapped with PVC so that the metal doesn稚 show through when the tree is assembled.

  • Our trees produced by Neuman Tree are the only Christmas trees to utilize the Brilliant Lighting System. With this system, each branch gets a cord that痴 exactly right for its length, so you値l never see unsightly dangling wires.

  • With the Brilliant Lighting System, there is an ideal distribution of lights with more lights toward the outside of the tree and fewer on the inside. This puts lights where they have the greatest impact, and ensures an even and pleasing distribution.

  • Each light set contains 50 lights, rather than the more typical 100. Fifty lights per set have proven to be much more reliable and long-lasting than the 100 light sets commonly used by other manufacturers.

  • Artificial Christmas Trees (produced by Neuman Tree) sold by Christmas Mouse have Twist-Proof Bulbs. The bulbs used with our Brilliant Lighting System have a patented lamp lock, rather than the plastic clips you may have seen with other light sets. Plastic clips have a tendency to break off. With our light sets, the only way a bulb can be removed is if the button on the side of the husk is pressed. The button holds the bulb tightly in place, which minimizes the problem of the light losing proper metal-to-metal contact and going out.

  • In addition, our trees have Customer-Friendly Set-Up instructions which are provided for each tree, and are extremely clear and easy to follow.

  • Q: What if I have a problem with my tree? How can I get help?

    Nothing is more frustrating when you have a problem than trying to get help with a product, and being unable to get through to a real, live human being. We understand the frustration of encountering endless telephone menus, only to wind up back where you started, and unable to get through to a person who can help. Our staff responds personally to every call we receive. We are committed to helping resolve problems promptly and in a way that ensures customer satisfaction. And if we cannot assist you, we will contact the manufacturer for you and find out the answer to your problem.

    Because you are making an investment in holiday decorating, any Neuman Tree produced Christmas Tree purchased after 1964 carries a ten-year warranty on the tree itself. The warranty provides for repair or replacement of any defective parts (factory installed lighting not included) at no charge to you.

    In addition, trees lit with the Brilliant Lighting System purchased in 2002 or later carry a four-year warranty on the factory-installed lights or lighted sections. The manufacturer, NeumanTree, Inc. will repair or replace any defective factory-installed lights or lighted section at no charge to you.

    Q: Sounds great, but how do I obtain warranty service?

    A: You should first make sure your tree is covered under the limited warranty. (See above.) Next you then need to gather the following information:

  • The tree痴 style number/description (If contacting Christmas Mouse, our item #s are 6-digits and can be found on the box your tree was shipped in. Neuman Tree item #s are generally 5 digits and sometimes contain letters at the end of them. These also can be found on the box).
  • Where and when the tree was purchased.
  • Proof of purchase.
  • A description of the problem.

  • If contacting Neuman Tree directly, you can contact their Customer Service department by phone (866-865-TREE [8733]), email (, fax (312-440-0835), or mail:

    NeumanTree, Inc. One East Superior Street Suite 510 Chicago, IL 60611

    Christmas Mouse can be contacted by phone (888-437-5635), email (, fax (757-887-1113), or mail:

    Christmas Mouse Attn: Customer Service 9200 Commerce Blvd Williamsburg, VA 23185

    Chances are, Customer Service will be able to resolve the problem over the phone by suggesting some simple troubleshooting techniques. If these don稚 resolve the problem, and Customer Service determines that the tree needs to be returned for repair, you will be asked to place the section or sections of the tree in a box, and to ship to NeumanTree, Inc. prepaid (that is, at your expense). A copy of the original sales receipt containing the seller痴 name and the price paid must accompany any parts returned for repair or replacement.

    To ensure that the tree is not damaged in shipping, the box used should fit the size of the tree or tree sections. (If the entire tree is being returned, the original carton can be used.)

    NeumanTree will then repair the tree and return it, paying the cost of shipment.

    Q: Do I need to buy a stand for my Artificial Christmas Tree? Or does a stand come with it? If so, what kind of stand comes with it?

    A: Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Trees by NeumanTree come with stands that are a single-piece and made of steel. To assemble the stand you only need to:

  • Open it into a + shape.
  • Place it where the tree will be displayed.
  • Insert the bottom section of the tree, and tighten the bolts that come with the tree so that the tree is straight and secure.
  • Christmas Mouse standard tree stands by NeumanTree are provided with rubber feet that protect floors from scratches.

  • Q: Are your trees fireproof, flame retardant, or highly flammable?

    A: All Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Trees by NeumanTree are made with steel, copper, and Poly Vinyl-Chloride (PVC)

    PVC is entirely "flame retardant" in accordance with procedures outlined by the Better Fabrics Testing Bureau Inc. P.V.C. trees, wreaths and garlands, comply with flammability requirements, Section 1500.3 (C) (6) (IV) under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.

    Q: Is there any lead in your trees? I知 concerned about the use of lead in Artificial Christmas Trees.

    A: The quantity of lead found in an unlit PVC artificial Christmas tree is so small that it falls well under the threshold where a lead warning would be required. As for pre-lit trees, the light sets of all manufacturers contain enough lead that the state of California requires a Proposition 65 warning on the cords of lighted trees. As a result, we advise taking precautions when handling lights on or off of your tree.


  • Keep light strings out of your mouth.
  • Be especially watchful when young children are near a Christmas tree with lights.
  • Be sure to wash your hands after working with lights.

  • For more information, go to:

    Q: How should I care for my Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Tree? What about maintenance?

    A: If your tree is blowing fuses in the power cords you will need to check how you have your light sets connected to the power outlet. The cords in all pre-lit Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Trees by NeumanTree are designed to handle the power rating of the light bulbs used. As a result, fuse failures are extremely rare, and normally only occur in light sets that have been connected end-to-end.

    For example, a crucial mistake could be made in connecting the power cords in either a 9-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, or 14-foot pre-lit tree:

  • A 9-foot or 10-foot pre-lit tree has two main power cords that must each be plugged into the power supply* (wall outlet, or power strip).
  • A 12-foot or 14-foot pre-lit tree has three such power cords, and all three must be plugged into a power strip*.

  • Customers sometimes attempt to plug the power cords into each other, so only one of the power cords is going to the power supply. This will cause circuit overload, and the fuses will blow.

    * You are strongly encouraged to plug your artificial Christmas tree into a high quality surge suppressor to protect against lightning strikes and local power surges. This also provides you with additional outlets for other electrical devices. *

    Q: What if I have used all of the extra lights that came with my Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Tree by NeumanTree, and can稚 find any like them in stores. How can I get more replacements?

    A: You will need to contact the manufacturer, NeumanTree, Inc. and provide them with the following information:

  • The description of the tree on the carton.
  • The name of the retailer from whom the tree was purchased.
  • The customer痴 name and address.
  • NeumanTree will send some replacement lights at no charge, provided they are still being manufactured.

  • Q: So now that I know how to get replacements if my lights fail, what causes them to fail in the first place?

    A: A light set can fail for any of these reasons:

  • Internal bulb failure.
  • Loose, broken, or missing bulb.
  • Bad connection between the bulb and bulb socket.
  • Blown fuse (very rare).
  • Broken wire or plug.
  • Poor connection at the power source.

  • But the most common cause by far is internal bulb failure. Modern light sets are designed to work even if one or more individual lights fail.

    Miniature light sets are designed with a feature that allows current to bypass the burnt out filament. It痴 called a shunt an aluminum wire wrapped around the two metal posts supporting the filament. If the filament is burned out, current will normally burn through an oxide coating, completing the circuit and illuminating the rest of the light set. If the oxide fails to burn off, the shunt fails, the circuit cannot be completed, and the remaining lights go out.

    The first thing you should do when lights are out is to inspect the light set to see if all the bulbs are present, are unbroken, are in tight, and plugged into an outlet that痴 working. If this step doesn稚 solve the problem, it痴 probably due to one or more failed shunts. Resolving this problem can best be accomplished either by obtaining a Light Keeper Pro (Christmas Mouse item # 441001, retail price: $20.00 + shipping & handling and state sales tax (in VA/NC/SC)) or by contacting NeumanTree for help.

    Q: What can I do to make my Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Tree look its best?

    A critical step in the assembly of an artificial Christmas tree is shaping the branches and tips so the tree looks its richest and fullest. Shaping isn稚 difficult, but it does take a little extra time to achieve that 努ow factor. See the shaping tips later on this page.

    Q: Help! I have lost or broken my tree stand, what can I do to get it fixed or replaced?

    A: Any stand that comes out of the carton defective will be replaced by NeumanTree at no charge.

    If you lost the stand, or if it has broken after use, NeumanTree can send you a new one, provided the bottom of the tree pole that fits into the stand is crimped, not flat. (Poles with flat bottoms are from older trees no longer being manufactured, and it is not possible to replace the stands.)

    If the bottom of the pole is crimped, you should contact NeumanTree, Inc. and provide them with the following information:

  • The description of the tree on the carton, including size of the tree.
  • Your name and address.
  • Proof of purchase.

  • If the bottom of the pole is crimped, NeumanTree, Inc. will send a replacement stand. The customer will be asked to cover shipping and handling, as follows:
    Stand for 7.5 foot treeStand for 9 foot tree  Stand for 10 or 12 foot tree  
    Tree Size  If within 10 years of purchase and customer has proof of purchase    If older than 10 years or no proof of purchase  

    Here's some more information to help you with your Christmas Mouse Artificial Christmas Tree:

    General Tree Information

    Shaping Tips & Helpful Hints

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