Item 134113 Classic C7 Bubble Nightlight

Classic C7 Bubble Nightlight

Item Number: 134113
Dimensions: 7"
Composition: Plastic
UPC: 089945336849
Vendor: Roman
Vendor ID: 165335

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Marsha Correll posted on July 23, 2019
7/12/19 I purchased 134113 Classic C7 Size which is a Bubble Night Light. Once we get home I plugged the light in to discover it does not work. I was so very disappointed . It was 12.50 plus tax. Not only did I purchase this light I bought 4 other items and visited the other Christmas Mouse in order to get enough signs for friends. Between both locations they had a total of 3 signs. I spent over 100.00 + dollars... the cashier Diane was very helpful. I just wish I had a night light that worked ....🤣🤣